Community and Social Fabric Topics

The following topics have been drawn directly from community input into suggested survey topics and themes. This section covers topics that were within the Community and Social Fabric  Theme.

  • Fostering distinct neighborhoods each with their own sense of place
  • Embracing equity and inclusivity principles
  • Fostering civic dialogue on key issues
  • Accommodating aging-in-place
  • Offering life-long learning opportunities
  • Continued support for quality school education
  • Creating the sense of belonging to a community
  • Continuously fostering new community leaders
  • Residents being part of key decision making
  • Ensuring community safety
  • Attracting under-represented populations
  • Creating health and wellness opportunities
  • Ensuring easy access to waterfront
  • Providing opportunities to volunteer and participate
  • Protecting the unique character of waterfront neighborhoods

Survey participants were asked to score each topic on its importance to shaping the future of Falmouth.
SCALE: 1 = Not Important  to 10 = Highly Important

To simplify the data in this chart, the responses were groups as follows:

  • 1,2,3 = Not important
  • 4,5,6,7 = Neutral
  • 8,9,10 = Important

Key things to note:

  • Overall, this theme of topics were perceived as important to the future of Falmouth.
  • In particular, topics about community safety, education and community interaction were seen as Very important.

An alternative data visualization of this question is provided below. This provides the total responses for each point on the 1-10 scale for each topic.


For more information about the Town of Falmouth Vision and Values project, please contact:

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