Future Summit #3

Future Summit #3

Future Summit #3 was held virtually on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 7:00pm. The Summit reviewed the scenarios created at the Think-Tank and provided background information on how to take the Community Survey #2. The Future Summit also involved a moderated Q&A session and participants were encouraged to take the survey immediately following the Summit.

Future Summit #3 Agenda:

7:00pm            Welcome

7:05pm            Review of the Think-Tank Process and Outcomes

  • Overview of Vision and Values Timeline
  • Overview of Falmouth Scenario Matrix – how it was created; how it works
  • Review of the four scenarios created by Falmouth Think-Tank participants and their implications

7:30pm            Overview of the Final Community Survey #2

  • How the community survey is structured

7:40pm            Questions & Answers

  • Moderated Q&A session with questions and comments from the community

7:50pm            Wrap-up / Next Steps


For more information about the Town of Falmouth Vision and Values project, please contact:

David Beurle, CEO
Future iQ
Phone: (612) 757-9190