Falmouth’s Defining and Unique Characteristics

“What characteristics define Falmouth in a unique way?”

As part of the Falmouth Vision and Values project, we will be undertaking a benchmark study to compare Falmouth with communities that share similar main defining characteristics.  We are interested in your thoughts about what characteristics define Falmouth in a unique way? (For example ‘high performing school district’ or ‘close proximity to major urban center’).  

We would love to hear your thoughts!

“What characteristics define Falmouth in a unique way”

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Sense of intimate and inclusive community.
Access to Casco Bay.
Promotion of year-round recreation.
Efficiently managed local government.
Tradition of volunteerism.

Progressive thinking but conservative execution. Proud of schools, location and some traditions/history. Diverse neighborhoods. Residential

-Town Landing and waterfront
-Diverse neighborhoods/districts: West Falmouth; Foreside; Woodville neighborhoods; Falmouth Corners neighborhoods; the Flats; Route One; the Woodlands; Middle Road and Route 9 neighborhoods from the Woods Road traffic circle; Falmouth Road and Allen Avenue extension neighborhoods
-Presumpscot River recreation spots
-Falmouth trails
-Relative rural look and feel for town this size in southern Maine thanks to open space and undeveloped land

–Close proximity to Portland. You can still easily get an Uber to go into town or the airport (pre-COVID)
— Great schools
— Easy to get to/from major highways
–Still can get decent land but still be close to the city
— Trails, Mackworth Island , Audobon, Town Landing

Compared to other towns abutting Portland, we are more rural, more outdoors and we focus more on single-family homes.

I agree with all above. It is difficult to add to this other than to say that the town can have a very different feel depending on the neighborhood you are in. Overarching regardless of location are good schools, open space and outdoor recreational opportunities, an “inner ring” suburb of Portland, strong spirit of volunteerism and community participation, strong town management and services.

Central to many areas yet offers quiet neighborhood lifestyle. Caring people who want to both safeguard our town for its residents and continue to search for ways to live collaboratively in a community together.

Respect for all ages and demographics
Spirit of volunteerism
Values support neighborhood safety
Easy access to all amenities in town
Respect for open space & waterfront
Welcoming to small business

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