This future-splitting question explores Decision-making. The question was:

“Should community decision-making be limited only to Town of Falmouth VOTERS or influenced by other people who also have some direct relationship to, or interest in, the future of the community (i.e. young people, business owners, etc.)?”

Survey participants were presented with a continuum from 1 to 10, with a range as follows:

1 = Only voters decide
10 = Influenced by interested people

Key things to note:

  • While the responses skew strongly to the ‘Only Voters Decide’ end of the continuum’, there are almost 30% or responses in the 4,5,6,7 points, suggesting perhaps some interest in other perspectives.
  • In selecting the filter of ‘Falmouth Voter’, it appears there is more interest in input, from people who do not, or have not, voted in Falmouth.


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