Regional Role x Decision-Making

This chart combines two future splitting questions:

  • X Axis = Regional Role:
    “Do you want to see Falmouth remaining a separate small town or being more absorbed into the larger Portland metropolis (as a suburb or bedroom community)?”
    SCALE: 1 = Separate small town; 10 = Part of the Portland metropolis.

  • Y Axis = Decision-making:
    “Should community decision-making be limited only to Town of Falmouth VOTERS or influenced by other people who also have some direct relationship to, or interest in, the future of the community (i.e. young people, business owners, etc.)?”
    SCALE: 1 = Only voters decide; 10 = Influenced by interested people.

Key things to note:

  • The vast majority of responses are concentrated in the lower left quadrant, with a large proportion being clustered in the extreme end of the continuums, at the 1,1 point on the scales.
  • This quadrant is characterised by a desire for Falmouth to remain as a clearly separate community, and that local people lead the decision making as voters.


For more information about the Town of Falmouth Vision and Values project, please contact:

David Beurle, CEO
Future iQ
Phone: (612) 757-9190