Orientation and Outlook

Falmouth is a successful and aspirational community that has invested a lot in its assets and strengths. As we look to the future, society and values will evolve and change.

How should Falmouth best define and approach its future orientation and outlook? Please select your answer on the following continuum:

  • 1 = FOCUS ONLY ON TRADITIONAL STRENGTHS – The community focuses exclusively on its traditional well-earned strengths, including strong school district, green spaces, and safe and peaceful neighborhoods.
  • 10 = EMBRACE EMERGING TRENDS and CHANGES – The community builds on existing strengths and looks forward, and embraces and participates in the emerging trends and changes taking place in the broader world, and within the community.

Key things to note:

  • The data skews slightly towards ‘Focusing Only on Traditional Strengths’. This appears consistent between household types.
  • Overall, people under 40 and who have lived in Falmouth for less than 10 years tends to lean more to ‘Embrace Emerging Trends and Changes’; while the older demographics lean towards ‘Focusing Only on Traditional Strengths’.