Taxes and Investment

This future-splitting question explores Taxes and investment. The question was:

“Should Falmouth prioritize fiscal prudence and minimizing taxes or invest in more and higher quality town services and amenities?”

Survey participants were presented with a continuum from 1 to 10, with a range as follows:

1 = Minimum Taxes
10 = Higher level of services

Key things to note:

  • The chart shows a broad range of responses, with most showing about 10% responses, except for points 2 and 9 on the continuum which show dips; and a spike on 5, and a higher concentration on point 1.
  • Given that taxes and investment are sometimes sensitive or even contentious issues, it will be important to explore this distribution deeper. It does suggest a willingness for most people to support some level on investment in more and higher quality town services and amenities.


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