Community Amenities x Taxes and Investment

This chart combines two future splitting questions:

  • X Axis = Community amenities:
    “Should Falmouth focus exclusively on residential areas offering lifestyle tranquility, or also offer more pockets of commercial amenities?”
    SCALE: 1 = Exclusively residential areas; 10 = More pockets of commercial amenities.

  • Y Axis = Taxes and investment. The question was:
    “Should Falmouth prioritize fiscal prudence and minimizing taxes or invest in more and higher quality town services and amenities?”
    SCALE: 1 = Minimum Taxes; 10 = Higher level of services.

Key things to note:

  • The data shows a significant spread across the matrix, with the majority of responses being clustered in the central areas of the continuums. This suggest a desire for some limited pockets of commercial amenities, and some increase in town services (and a willingness to pay for these).
  • However, there is an ‘outlier’ bubble of 72 responses on the 1,1 point (Exclusively residential; Minimum taxes); and a bubble of 35 responses on the 10,10 points (More community amenities; Higher level of service).


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