Active Land Use Policy x Residential Housing Types

This chart combines two future splitting questions:

  • X Axis = Active Land Use Policy. The question was:
    “Should the Town of Falmouth aim to control the amount and type of development or rely on market forces to direct the amount and type of development?”
    SCALE: 1 = Town directs; 10 = Market directs.

  • Y Axis = Residential housing types. The question was:
    “Should Falmouth aim to preserve predominantly single-family detached housing or promote more diverse housing options and development?”
    SCALE: 1 = Single-family Detached; 10 = Diverse housing options.

Key things to note:

  • This data is heavily skewed to the left hand side of the chart, reflecting the community desire to have the town direct and control the amount and type of development.
  • The vertical spread of the data reflects the range of views on the best type of future housing types, from single-family detached housing to more diverse housing options.


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