The White Paper was prepared to create a contextual framework for the Parks and Recreation master Planning work. It draws together the high-level concepts and principles that were established in the preceding visioning and comprehensive planning work.

The overarching concept in the Smithville Comprehensive Plan is to intentionally create a ‘community oasis’ experience. This has been highlighted in visioning and comprehensive planning work. While this is a conceptual experience, it provides an important context. This concept should be used in thinking about park and asset design, including elements such as shade, noise, views and concentration of people.

High Level Concepts

  • Focus on broad multi-dimensional outcomes
    • Community and societal benefit
    • Environmental and ecological benefit
    • Economic benefit
  • Distributed recreation
  • Future oriented and innovative thinking
  • Embracing a collaborative approach

Specific High-Level Priorities

  • Develop a Parks and Recreation Branding Strategy
  • Complement and Distinguish the City’s Park System
  • Build North-South trail connectivity
  • Enhance Park Infrastructure with Valued Recreational Programming.
  • Enhance Social Infrastructure with Valued Community Programming
  • Create comprehensive Multimodal Connections
  • Establish Downtown to River Walk to Lake connection
  • Develop a ‘Sidewalk Culture’

Please review the Draft White Paper.


For more information about the City of Smithville’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan Project, please contact:

Matt Denton, CPRP – Parks and Recreation Director
107 West Main Street
City of Smithville
Phone: (816) 532-8130