Big Idea #3: Future of Smith’s Fork Park

Smith’s Fork Park is a much loved and used recreation area in Smithville. Throughout the Comprehensive Plan and Park & Recreation Master Plan projects we have been exploring what future role this park plays.

What we know so far includes:

  • People see this park containing really important green space and recreation areas.
  • There is a desire to see a rich fabric of suitable uses, with interest in environmental education, outdoor recreation, community spaces and leisure park use.
  • This area is an important location to support new programming activities, as it has available open spaces, and good existing road and trail connections.
  • The new Downtown to Lake trail, and other possible trail connections, help tightly link this area to the Main Street economy and experience.
  • Smith’s Fork Park is a key location within the Downtown Community Oasis Character Area and offers the open space and variety to help build the oasis experience.

During the Parks and Recreation Community Survey, people strongly identified the Smith’s Fork Park area ideally being a mixed-use area, with a rich tapestry of outdoor activities and community experiences, such as gardens, wildlife and ecological habitat, leisure parks and outdoor sporting activities.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

More than any other area in Smithville, Smith’s Fork Park is seen as an ideal area for multiple outdoor community uses. What do you think is the best way to make this a key part of the community oasis experience? What specific type of outdoor experiences would you like to see in the Smith’s Fork Park area?

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The image posted with this looks great! Especially if that is a pool in the background. Pool, new playgrounds, sports complex, and rentable outdoor/indoor gathering areas would be great uses of the space. Smithville P&R could in the future host thing like day summer camps with facilities like these.

Please do not get rid of the rv park!! The haunted campground and that community are one of the favorite things we have in this area!

This years budget invested more in the campground, we have no plans to get rid of the campground. Smiths Fork is 200 acres the campground is a small portion of the area.

This brings too much traffic around that area. I like the concept but I don’t want this area turning into another congested Liberty, MO. What are the options on the Westside of 169 hwy

Would like to keep the lake area less congested and rural

Our town could very easily do some things that would update and really take advantage of the tourism industry. More money spent in town is more money towards amenities to be utilized by citizens and money for our schools.

Put in a REAL skate park. The biking community is huge in Smithville, a pump track or bike skills park would have huge community support as well.

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