Overall Distribution of Amenities

The community has been exploring the concept of ‘distributed recreation’, where various types of activities are spread across the community, and connected together by trails and multimodal connections. In the survey, we explored where people think certain amenities and uses are best located, to enhance the character of the community and various character areas.

Respondents were asked about DISTRIBUTION OF AMENITIES:

“We want to understand where you think different recreation activities and park amenities should be distributed or concentrated across the community.”

Please select what amenities you think should be focused within or near each BROAD community areas. These broad areas are where there are existing or potential future parks and amenities. You can select multiple amenities for each broad area.

Key things to note:

  • There are some clear preference for where certain amenities and assets should be distributed and concentrated.
  • The downtown area is favoured for Community events and festivals, and public art spaces and features. The residential areas are favoured for leisure parks, habitat reserves and community gardens and green spaces.
  • Sporting fields, activities and events are favoured in areas near the High School and Smith’s Fork Park, with some in the Downtown area.
  • Smith’s Fork Park stands out as interesting multiuse area. This matched the desire heard in the Comprehensive Planning process.

These themes are further illuminated in the open ended responses where people could describe what they wanted to see in each area. The concept of community center near the High School was highlight of these comments.


For more information about the City of Smithville’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan Project, please contact:

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