Big Idea #2: Downtown Spaces and the Riverwalk

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan survey has been exploring the concept of distributed recreation. We are exploring what amenities and activities people would like to see in different spaces across the city. This approach is building on the work done as part of the Comprehensive Plan, where the downtown area was identified as a key central hub of the broader Downtown Community Oasis Character Area.

What we know so far from the surveys (from Comp Plan and P&R Master Plan) includes:
  • People see the Downtown as a key location and venue for community events and activities, such as markets, concerts and community gatherings.
  • The concept of the River Walk, running along the river on the north side of the Downtown has gathered strong support, and people see it as a game-changer, potentially triggering future downtown development.
  • People see future recreation amenities as being more concentrated in Smith’s Fork Park and near the High School. This potentially sees Heritage Park being more a community event asset rather than a recreation space.
  • The Downtown is identified as the key future location for Public Spaces and Public Art.
  • There is a desire to connect the Downtown and Riverwalk as a key section of the future community trail network.

This diagram is the Downtown Community Oasis Character Area, with a parks and recreation overlay.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is exploring what amenities and activities people would like to see in different spaces across the city. The idea of a potential Riverwalk downtown from 169 along Little Platte River to Heritage Park, could be a game-changer. How do you think this will change the use of various Downtown spaces, and how can these spaces connect to, and be enhanced by the Riverwalk?

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Really looking forward to hearing ideas on how the Riverwalk and the Downtown Spaces will work together – for example, the Riverwalk on the north-side of downtown, will bring a lot of opportunity for new amenities like outdoor dining / coffee etc; and will make the downtown very connected to the River. I’m especially interested in how this reshapes how spaces like Heritage Park are used – does it become more a community event spaces / amphitheater / garden etc? Fascinating to see this downtown transform into something remarkable – the center of the Community Oasis.

Splash park with picnic area for family I suggest visiting Atchison Ka river walk and check theirs out the have a play house that looks like a ship,for the kids to,play,in right by the splash park and playground equipment

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