Park Concept Plan #3 – Smith’s Fork Park

During the Parks and Recreation Community Survey, people strongly identified the Smith’s Fork Park area ideally being a mixed-use area, with a rich tapestry of outdoor activities and community experiences, such as gardens, wildlife and ecological habitats, leisure parks and outdoor sporting activities.

Currently a destination for many, the conceptual plan for Smith’s Fork Park expands the uses currently available and adds additional amenities.  Key features of the concept plan include:

  • The conceptual plan maximizes the organized recreational offerings with a more traditional baseball 4-plex, additional soccer fields, tennis/pickleball courts and an improved skatepark.
  • Camping is a very popular amenity for the City and generates significant revenue. This plan expands the camping offerings to glamping and primitive options to complement the existing RV camping. 
  • This park can continue to provide cross country trails, football, hiking and fishing.
  • Some new program elements proposed for this park include a destination playground and Environmental Education Center. This center could include some modest sized community meeting spaces, indoor sport courts and track, or corporate event/retreat facilities.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

Tell us what you think of the future concept plan for Smith’s Fork park, and if there are things you would suggest changing or adding?

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