Future Needs Forecast

Respondents were asked about FUTURE NEEDS:

“Looking out over next 5-10 years do you anticipate your household’s interest and needs will see an overall increase or decrease in the use of the following broad recreation amenity categories?”

SCALE: -5 = Decrease significantly; 0 = Stay same; +5 Increase

The first chart offers the results in a larger summary grouping. The second chart (scroll down) shows the full data by each point on the scale.

Key things to note:

  • The results skew strongly to the majority of people saying they will have increased future interest and needs, especially in trails and sidewalks, and community events and festivals. This increased future need forecast is across the various categories of recreation and park amenities.
  • However, some 35-40% of respondents say their households interest and need will stay about the same. Relatively few responses forecast a decrease in need or interest in the amenities in the future.


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