Big Idea #5: Future Recreation and Community Programming

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan survey has been exploring the current and future needs for recreation and community programming. The existing programming level has been expanding and is gaining traction in the community.

What we know so far includes:

  • The existing levels of programming are falling somewhat short of existing community needs.
  • The survey results suggest that demand is increasing, across all activities. This reflects the community desire for more community-based events, and a broader trend to more active outdoor recreation pursuits in society.
  • Smithville has great natural areas and open spaces and is developing dedicated parks that provide excellent venues for desired community outdoor activity.

The following chart shows responses from the community survey. The upper left quadrant represents responses where people see programming falling short of current needs (X-axis), and future needs are increasing (Y-axis). This response is consistent across all activity and programming areas, and across most cohorts.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

There is clear interest in additional community and recreation programming. What do you most appreciate about the community and recreation programming? – is it building the sense of connection and community; personal and family benefit; or other aspects?

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