Current Needs x Future Needs – All Data

This chart combines responses to two questions (about current and future need) to create an interactive scatter plot. You can hover over the chart to reveal more information on each circle.

This chart presents all data.

The chart is structured as follows:

  • X-Axis is the response to the question “Currently, how well are your household’s needs being meet by the EXISTING following recreation and park amenities?” SCALE: -5 Nowhere near meeting needs; 0 = About right; +5 More than enough amenities.
  • Y-Axis is the response to the question “Looking out over next 5-10 years do you anticipate your household’s interest and needs will see an overall increase or decrease in the use of the following broad recreation amenity categories?” SCALE: -5 = Decrease significantly; 0 = Stay same; +5 Increase

Key things to note:

  • Generally, the responses are cluster in the center and upper left quadrant. This quadrant is where the amenities are not meeting current needs, and future needs are forecast to increase.
  • The filters on the right hand side can be used to look at responses by different groups and variation between the different categories of amenities (top filter).


For more information about the City of Smithville’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan Project, please contact:

Matt Denton, CPRP – Parks and Recreation Director
107 West Main Street
City of Smithville
Phone: (816) 532-8130

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