Future Programming Needs Forecast

Respondents were asked about the FUTURE PROGRAMMING NEEDS:

“Looking out over next 5-10 years do you anticipate your household’s interest and needs will see an overall increase or decrease in the use of the following broad community and recreation programming?”

SCALE: -5 = Decrease significantly; 0 = Stay same; +5 = Increase dramatically.

The first chart offers the results in a larger summary grouping. The second chart (scroll down) shows the full data by each point on the scale.

Key things to note:

  • Generally the data is skewed to the an increase in future needs side of the continuum, with 30-65% of responses saying their needs will increase. This is most pronounced in the fitness and wellness programs, community events and festivals and organized outdoor recreation (nature-based activities).
  • Typically, between 35-60% of people say their future needs will stay about the same, and between 5-25% saying needs will decrease.


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