Importance of Future Trail Connection

During the visioning and comprehensive planning efforts, the community has highlighted the importance of trail connections, to help connect the community via safe and easy to use trail corridors. The survey asked respondents their thoughts about the most important future trail connections.

Respondents were asked about the IMPORTANCE OF FUTURE TRAIL CONNECTIONS:

“Over the next 5-10 years, how important do you think it is for the community to complete the following main multimodal TRAIL connections?”

(Multimodal in this context means different compatible transport methods like biking, walking, e-scooter etc):
SCALE: 1 = Not important; 10 = Critically important.

The first chart offers the results in a larger summary grouping. The second chart (scroll down) shows the full data by each point on the scale.

Key things to note:

  • Generally the Downtown related connections were seen as most important.
  • The second chart, with the raw data, shows that most connections were seen as important to critically important by approximately 40% of respondents
  • Typically, only around 20% of respondents saw the individual connections as not important.


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