Interactive Heatmaps

Expected X Preferred X Least Desirable Future

This chart combines responses from attendees at all engagement workshops regarding their least desirable, expected and preferred futures. Attendees were asked to plot their responses on a 100 cell grid. The chart shows the least desirable future in red, expected future in green and preferred future in blue. The size of the circle represents the popularity/how many respondents opted for that cell. You can hover over the chart to reveal more information on each circle.

  • X axis is Industry Development
  • Y axis is Community Direction

Key things to note:

  • This question can be filtered to allow you to explore responses from different workshops, types of future and types of metric.
  • The Think-Tank workshop attendees were in almost total agreement about Scenario B representing the preferred future, Scenario D representing the least desired future and the expected future predominantly being Scenario A and D.
  • All of the 9 countywide workshops generally opted for Scenario B representing the preferred future and Scenario D representing the least desired future. The expected future changed per workshop but was predominantly mirroring that of the Think-Tank (Scenario A and D).
  • North Ridgeville workshop attendees were not so clear in their choices and the expected future was scattered across most Scenarios, as was Wellington.
  • The Wellington workshop attendees’ preferred future was both Scenario B and C.
  • The Virtual workshops attendees opted for Scenarios A, B and D for their expected futures.