Welcome to the Lorain County Strategic Action Plan
Heatmap Survey Data Visualization Platform

This platform gives access to the data gathered from the Lorain County Strategic Action Heat Map survey. On this survey data visualization portal, you can explore the results from the heat map exercise held at the two-day Think-Tank, each of the 9 Countywide Workshops and 2 Virtual Workshops. This exercise required attendees at all of these engagement sessions to plot their least desirable, expected and preferred future on a 100 cell grid.

This survey also asked attendees to describe their ‘picture of the preferred future’ and to outline what is needed to achieve this future.

On the charts, there are filters on the right-hand side. These filters allow you to explore responses by different engagement sessions. In some charts, you can hover over data points to reveal specific information. This visualization is intended to allow you to explore the data set and where workshop attendees viewed their least preferred, expected and preferred futures. Please note that each chart is loading a lot of information, so it may take a moment to load when you open a chart.

You may navigate the charts by clicking the links below or by hovering over “ Surveys” on the main menu.

Key things to note:

  • The charts can be filtered via workshop session, type of future and type of metric.
  • You can download a PDF of each page by selecting the download tab at the bottom of the chart.