Topic #4: Telling Our Story – How do we best promote the good things happening in Middle Georgia?

Throughout the project, the ‘livability ‘appeal of Middle Georgia and subsequent messaging of how the region is a great place to live has been very prominent. The livability appeal will attract talent and their families to the region, as well as retaining existing talent to remain in the region.

From extensive work in Task 1 of the project through interviews and focus groups, it has been highlighted that there is a need to:

  • Produce and market consistent messaging of good news stories regarding innovation in the region, both within the base and outside of the base. This will invigorate current innovators and encourage potential innovators, who may currently reside in the region or may move to the region. The messaging and marketing of innovation in Middle Georgia needs to be amplified.
  • Enhance the livability appeal of Middle Georgia as a potential destination for new workforce and innovators to move to the region. The region is currently attractive due to the price of living and real estate, in comparison to Atlanta. Macon has made a concerted effort to enhance its downtown appeal and encourage a creative community via maker spaces and have attracted millennials with accommodation such as loft apartments and recreational aspects such as new cafes/restaurants.
  • Houston County’s reputation for an excellent school system will only add to this attraction of young families.
  • The Robins Airforce Base is a huge economic driver and creates thousands of fascinating and well-paid jobs. This provides some real attraction for the region.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on why Middle Georgia is a great place to live? What aspects of living in the region would attract new talent and their families to the region, and retain existing talent? What amenities need to be created to enhance the livability appeal of the Middle Georgia region, both within Macon and Warner Robins, but also within the other counties?

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From what we have heard through surveys and interviews .. Middle Georgia is a great place to move to or remain to live within! With the excellent reputation for educational institutions through to the liveabiilty appeal of places such as Macon, what do you think makes Middle Georgia an appealing place?

Do you think that Middle Georgia is sending out the message about the attraction and appeal of moving to the area?

Thank you Isabelle for your consistent input into this exciting process. The low cost of living and especially proximity to Atlanta and the airport have been mentioned throughout the process. The proximity to mountains and beaches hasn’t yet been highlighted, so thank you!

Blanket the local civic organizations with speakers at regular meetings (lunch, dinner, etc.). Establish a “Speaker’s Bureau” and prepare some “canned” messages, succinct but thorough, delivered by active participants in the Project. Examples: Kiwanis, Rotary, various Boards, PTA, church fellowships, etc.

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