Topic #3: Industry 4.0 Technologies – how do we build regional capability and readiness?

From extensive research in Task 1’s Industry 4.0 Readiness and Disruption survey and subsequent focus group sessions and interviews, it has been highlighted that the Middle Georgia region is currently slow in both using and being prepared for a number of Industry 4.0 technologies.

What we know so far:

  • There is a clear need to adopt and produce knowledge of Industry 4.0 technologies in the region especially for Cloud Computing, Software and Data Engineering and Cybersecurity, but also focusing on the emerging demand areas of Artificial Intelligence and 5G / Internet of things.
  • There is value in improving and enhancing the quality and content of Industry 4.0 technology training in the education system, from K-12 through to post-secondary educational institutions (Technical colleges and Universities).
  • There is a need for all educational levels to teach cutting edge technologies as this is the workplace of the future for many Middle Georgia students. This will help retain these talented people in the region, once industry connects with the educational institutions via internships, and beyond.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

There has been a clear indication throughout the project to date, that parts of the regional ecosystem is relatively slow in adopting and learning about a number of Industry 4.0 technologies. What do you think needs to happen in order to get up to speed on the current and relevant Industry 4.0 technologies and adopt them?

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One aspect that could help drive adoption of Industry 4.0 capabilities is connecting our organizations that use that tech with those that do not. Having an Industry Group in the region will help to “spread the word” on experiences at each organization, and encourage experimentation across the Industry membrane.

That is an excellent idea, Dan. That would be a fantastic next step for the Working Groups meeting on Wednesday as an ‘action item’. Please promote that idea.

There is some really great work being carried out in The New England Regional Defense Industry Collaboration project (NERDIC). This project is building an Industry 4.0 Ecosystem for the whole six state region. Future iQ is project managing this Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation, Dept of Defense project. These are the same funders for the Middle Georgia Innovation Project. Connecticut Center of Advanced Technology has been contracted to run a series of demonstration projects that showcase a number of Industry 4.0 technologies to industry members. I cannot screenshot the listing of projects for some reason here in this comment box, however it would be useful to go to as this is a great model that the Middle Georgia region could replicate.

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