Current Collaboration

Respondents were asked: 

Who do you currently collaborate with to develop Outdoor and Adventure Travel products and experiences?

Respondents were able to select from a pre-populated list and were also invited to add the names and e-mail addresses of individuals who they collaborate with, but who were not on the list.

Note: You can filter on the left hand side of the network map in relation to individual collaboration patterns as well as organization collaboration patterns. You can do this by selecting collaboration in the Communication Type filter. You can also view an individual’s collaboration patterns by selecting that individual in the From and To filters. The maps are dynamic and will change as you filter them. The collaboration relationships are represented by blue arrows.

Key things to note:

  • Collaboration in order to develop Outdoor and Adventure Travel products and experiences in the region seems weak. It is important to note that a relatively small number of people took the survey, and even fewer chose to respond to this question.
  • The map shows that individuals collaborate with one, two or up to six people, however these pockets of collaboration do not connect with each other.
  • There were no patterns of mutual collaboration, where people would select each other.
  • There will need to be further work by VISIT FLORIDA to connect the individual collaborations to each other in order to form a strong Florida Adventure Travel Network. This will also involve more active participation from potential members of the Florida Adventure Travel Network


For more information about the Florida Adventure Travel Network Survey, please contact:

Celine Beurle, Chief Operating Officer
Future iQ

For more information about the overall Florida Adventure Travel Network Project, please contact: 

Russell Walters, Regional Director, North America
Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)
Phone: 207-491-4318

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