Transforming Tomorrow Together

Greater Mankato 2040

Collaborative Regional Planning Initiative led by
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.

Community Update Held on December 14, 2023

Over the past year, we have worked with over 1,000 stakeholders to shape the future vision and roadmap for the Greater Mankato region. This process has resulted in lots of exciting ideas, which we were excited to continue to share with the Greater Mankato regional community.

Read the Think-Tank Report!

At the Regional Think-Tank Workshops, Greater Mankato stakeholders explored key drivers shaping the region’s future. They used these to identify a range of possible future scenarios. This event and the findings from it were a major step in the Greater Mankato 2040 process. Download the report to ready about the potential futures for the region.

“I think we’ve got a lot to figure out yet, but it really is a great start.”

Hear regional stakeholders discuss Key Drivers for the future of the Greater Mankato region after attending Part 1 of the Regional Think-Tank Workshops.

View GM2040 Fast Facts

‘Transforming Tomorrow Together – Greater Mankato 2040’ is a long term planning process, aiming to chart the future trajectory of the region. Download the GM2040 Fast Facts sheet to learn about where we’re starting.

Greater Mankato 2040 (GM2040)

A collaborative regional planning initiative

The ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together- Greater Mankato 2040’ initiative is a robust, and forward-looking regional community planning process. We aim to explore the future strategic positioning of the Greater Mankato region, and to create an enduring vision and roadmap to the future. A fundamental premise in this work, is that the world is changing fast, and we need bold thinking to help figure out how this region can thrive over the coming decades. We are exploring how we need to evolve and transform as a region, and what is our unique proposition in a Midwest and global context.

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The ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together – Greater Mankato 2040’ regional community planning initiative will explore the future strategic positioning of the Greater Mankato region, and create an enduring vision and roadmap to the future. The process aims to produce a future-oriented and collaborative Regional Vision and Action Plan for the Greater Mankato region.


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is leading this initiative. They are partnering with the consultancy firm of Future iQ to develop a new vision for the Greater Mankato region.

John Kind, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Phone: 507-385-6645
Email: jkind@greatermankato.com

David Beurle Chief Executive Officer
Future iQ
Phone: 612-757-9190
Email: david@future-iq.com