Project Schedule

This project was launched in September 2022 and will run through early 2024.

As this is a robust, and forward-looking regional community planning process, it takes time to wrestle with the tough questions, and engage our regional community. The project has a series of key phases and steps that will allow us to build a future-orientated and potent vision and roadmap.

Key to success will be community stakeholder involvement in the visioning process.

Please explore the project portal, sign up for information, and take the surveys as they are released. Your participation is critical to ensuring the voices of as many regional community stakeholders as possible will be heard. Here is a schematic of what will take place during the project.

NOTE: The project schedule is flexible and will be adapted as needed to accommodate impacts of pandemic and the community schedule. 

Graphic of project schedule


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is leading this initiative. They are partnering with the consultancy firm of Future iQ to develop a new vision for the Greater Mankato region.

John Kind, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Phone: 507-385-6645

David Beurle Chief Executive Officer
Future iQ
Phone: 612-757-9190