About the Logo

The ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together – Greater Mankato 2040’ logo has been created to represent this regional planning effort. Some of the key design elements of the initiative logo include:

  • The ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together’ theme represents the important values of working together to shape the future.
  • The term ‘transforming’ points to the intended depth of the work to create the future strategic positioning of the region.
  • The ‘Greater Mankato 2040’ points to the long-term focus, and the collaborative approach with the broader region.
  • The globe in the center reflects the big picture nature of the initiative, and the exploration of future global positioning of the region.
  • The star reflects a compass, as we search for our future direction, and the desire to reach out to the corners of the region.
  • The colors aim to reflect the water and agricultural aspects of the region and landscape.


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is leading this initiative. They are partnering with the consultancy firm of Future iQ to develop a new vision for the Greater Mankato region.

Jessica BeyerPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Phone: 507-385-6640
Email: jbeyer@greatermankato.com

David Beurle Chief Executive Officer
Future iQ
Phone: 612-757-9190
Email: david@future-iq.com