Toolkit: Social Media & Communications

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‘Transforming Tomorrow Together’ is about coming together as a region and building a vision for 2040. The project working group is extremely invested in including as many voices as possible as we consider the future of the Greater Mankato region. We need your help to reach the entirety of the region! This toolkit provides social media tiles, logos, literature, and materials will be added throughout the project.

Please use these on your personal or business communications to help us spread the word and build the future of Greater Mankato.

Encourage direct involvement: invite your network to the Industry & Community Roundtables Day

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You’re invited to the Greater Mankato 2040 (GM2040) Industry & Community Roundtables Day! These conversations will center around future of the Greater Mankato region, building strategic actions to bring the region toward the Preferred Future. Learn more and register to join at

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On May 19, stakeholders in the Greater Mankato region will come together to validate a preferred future for the region and create actionable strategies around that future. Learn more and register to join these important conversations at

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Register now for the Greater Mankato 2040 (GM2040) Industry & Community Roundtables Day! These important conversations will dive deeply into the preferred future of the Greater Mankato region. Help validate that future and work to make it real by joining the Think-Tank workshops! Learn more and register to join at

Bring in more voices: share the Regional Community Survey

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The first step in this future planning process is a Regional Community Survey. This is a vital opportunity for regional stakeholders to contribute to this initiative, helping create a foundation on which to build the path forward. Take the survey at

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The Greater Mankato 2040 Regional Community Survey will begin to build the region’s path to the future. Answer questions like, “How do we need to evolve as a community?” and “How should Greater Mankato position itself for the future?” by taking the survey at

Raise awareness: share the Greater Mankato 2040 Project Portal

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The Greater Mankato 2040 initiative is a visioning project, working to bring the region together and chart its future. Learn more and get involved at!

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With the diversity Greater Mankato has in strengths, such as agriculture, education and recreation, the future is full of opportunity. The Greater Mankato 2040 project is exploring those futures. Join these explorations at

Spread information: share project literature

GM2040 is a long term planning project, aiming to chart the future trajectory of the region. Download the Fast Facts sheet to learn about where we’re starting.

Agriculture is a major industry in the Greater Mankato region. Download the BioMass Research Bulletin to spur discussions about its impact on the region’s future.


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) is leading this initiative. They are partnering with the consultancy firm of Future iQ to develop a new vision for the Greater Mankato region.

Jessica BeyerPresident and CEO
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Phone: 507-385-6640
David Beurle CEO and Founder
Future iQ
Phone: 612-757-9190