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Communications Strategy Project

City of Trotwood Community Communications Storyboards Released!

The Storyboards are a sneak peek into the coming Communications Strategy and Toolkit. Each Storyboard describes a potential action the City of Trotwood can take as part of its efforts to improve communications within the city, with tactics to support its implementation.

Future Summit attendees listen to presenter

Thank you for joining us at the Future Summit on February 5!

The City of Trotwood celebrated the culmination of the Community Communication Strategy project and discussed the upcoming Communications Strategy at Goodwill Easter Seals on February 5, 2024. 

Survey results live! 

Over 180 Trotwood residents completed the communications survey. Look through their responses at the link below.

Focus Groups November 30 – December 2 Completed!

The City of Trotwood hosted a series of Focus Groups November 30 and December 1-2. These five separate sessions drilled down into a different topic of conversation identified in the first stakeholder survey and discussions at the Public Launch.

The results of these Focus Groups will be compiled with the survey and Public Launch results in the Communications Strategy, to be release in February 2024.

This project launched on September 8 & 9!

The City of Trotwood launched the Community Communications Strategy Project at the Goodwill Easter Seals West Campus (735 E Main St., Trotwood, OH 45426) on September 8 and 9. Nearly 80 Trotwood stakeholders attended the event. Hear from City officials and attendees from the event below, and see more at the link below.

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The City of Trotwood, Ohio, is embarking on a community communications strategy from July through December 2023. The outcome of this process will be to produce an extensive and robust Communications Strategy with a dynamic toolkit to reach out to all members of the City of Trotwood community.

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