Small Area Plan Advisory Group

The Advisory Group represents a broad spectrum of Park City residents, advocates, employers, institutional partners, landowners, and other key stakeholders.

The group’s key roles and responsibilities include:

  • Meet four times throughout the process at project milestones to review materials that will be shared with the larger Park City community.
  • Support and augment the community engagement process by sharing project event information.
  • Provide feedback to help the team craft a vision.
  • Once the plan is implemented, serve as a partner in the implementation of the plan’s concepts and recommendations.

The Advisory Group Members are:

  • Seth Adams
  • Veronica Monroy Alvaro
  • John Burdick
  • Craig Dennis
  • Mark J Fischer
  • Elyse Kats
  • Casey Metzger
  • Angela Moschetta
  • Deborah Rentfrow
  • Brian Richards
  • Joel Shine
  • Teri Whitney
  • Charlie or Mary Wintzer