Small Area Plan Timeline

This project will take place over 10 months and is broken into six tasks.

Task 1: Define plan timetable and existing conditions

(month 1)

Assessment of existing conditions, review of previous planning efforts and current development context, and launching the community engagement processes, including Advisory Group meeting 1.

Task 2: Develop a community engagement plan

(month 2)

Launch project website and online questionnaire, compile the list of stakeholders, and conduct stakeholder roundtables.

Task 3: Develop neighborhood vision and plan objectives and goals

(month 3)

Develop plan objectives and goals, along with a vision statement, conduct Advisory Group meeting 2, and host a community visioning workshop.

Task 4: Develop plan components

(months 4-8)

Craft the land use component of the plan, craft a stand-alone mobility component, and conduct Advisory Group meeting 3 and Community Meeting 2.

Task 5: Develop an implementation plan

(months 8-9)

Craft an implementation strategy and define short-term project wins.

Task 6: Develop final report and plan adoption

(months 9-10)