Heatmaps – Expected & Preferred Futures

Think-Tank participants took an Expected and Preferred Survey that included two questions about the trajectory of East Central Iowa. The first question was about the expected future – the future deemed most likely to happen if there is no change in the current trajectory of East Central Iowa. Workshop participants generally indicated Scenario D, “Same thing; same result, as the scenario they believed best represented the current direction for East Central Iowa. The second question was about the preferred future – the future most desired by participants. Think-Tank participants expressed a clear preference for Scenario B, ‘Thriving in East Central Iowa.’

Key things to note:

  • A definite preference for the ‘Thriving in East Central Iowa’ scenario indicates a clear mandate for regional stakeholders to take actions that support that vision for the future.

  • The clear distance and direction between expected and preferred futures for East Central Iowa indicate that focus is required to adopt an innovation approach to economic and infrastructure development, as well as a more holistic, equitable, and inclusive approach to workforce and workplace transformation.


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