Welcome to the Envision East Central Iowa Stakeholder Survey

This platform gives access to the data gathered from the Envision East Central Iowa online Stakeholder Survey which ran throughout September 2021. On this survey data visualization portal, you can explore how people responded to questions on East Central Iowa’s strengths, weaknesses, biggest opportunities over the next 5 years and biggest threats/challenges over the next 5 years. You can also explore the importance and preparedness of East Central Iowa in relation to a set of key drivers. Drivers are trends, events or changes that shape the future.

On the charts, there are filters on the right-hand side. These filters allow you to explore responses by different cohorts within the stakeholder respondents. In some charts, you can hover over data points to reveal specific information. This visualization is intended to allow you to explore the data set and see what stakeholders think about the future of East Central Iowa. Please note that each chart is loading a lot of information, so it may take a moment to load when you open a chart.

Key things to note:

  • The participation rate was impressive with almost 500 responses.
  • Cohorts are defined as major groups in the community that share similar profiles such as age group, residency, ethnicity and time spent living and working in East Central Iowa.
  • You can download a PDF of each page by selecting the download tab at the bottom of the chart.


For more information about ECICOG’s CEDS Project, visit envision-eastcentraliowa.org or contact:

Karen M. Kurt, Executive Director ECICOG
East Central Iowa Council of Governments
Phone: (319) 365-9941 Ext. 122
Email: karen.kurt@ecicog.org