Discussion Board #1:
In-Person Listening Session Preferences

In late January, we plan to hold in-person listening sessions.

We’d like to know how the Madison community would like to participate in these discussions. We want this project to reach as many stakeholders as possible, so we are looking for your input on how we are conducting these conversations.

For example, would you prefer:

  • Listening sessions by neighborhood
  • Open houses
  • Town hall meetings
  • Weekday events
  • Weekend events
  • Evening events

Or something else entirely? Please elaborate below!

For in-person meetings, how would you prefer to engage with this project?


I would say weekday events, where you go at a specific time to listen about any info, and hopefully be able to see jets up close

Personally I would prefer evening, weekday, events. This gives me the opportunity to include the meeting in my daily work schedule.

You need all of these. A considerable number of people who will be affected work, and their schedules will cover all times. In order to be available to all of them, you’ll need at least one session (and preferably more) that will provide opportunity to get to you.

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