Discussion Board #3: Neighborhood Session Hosts

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Neighborhood Sessions March 21-23, 2024: Hosts helped us strengthen connection with the Madison community

The February Community Listening Sessions revealed a need for more direct engagement. With the goal of reaching as many Madison stakeholders as possible, the 115th Fighter Wing is taking the Madison F35 Community Connection message into Madison neighborhoods. 

We held a number of small meetings over the course of March 21-23, 2024 with the aim to create space for additional members of the community to participate.

We asked if you would like to host a session or have recommendations for hosts.

Can you host a Neighborhood Session March 21 - 23, 2024, in order for us to attend and best engage with the Madison community?


For northside neighborhood west of the airport (my neighborhood):
Blackhawk or Lakeview School
Cherokee Garden Condominiums (meeting room)
TPC Wisconsin/Cherokee Country Club
St Peter Catholic Church

What topics will be covered in these sessions? Would persons be there representing the ANG who could answer in-depth questions about noise mitigation plans, latest PFAS sampling and clean-up efforts, responses to our ideas previously submitted, the timing of F-35 deployment, and other possible missions for the 115th?

What have you all been contracted to do? I assume there are some performance measures, such as as number of meetings, people engaged, etc. These are all outputs. But what are the outcomes that your client wants? I know that they are in your contract. Can you share *that* part of the scope of services, please? This is the kind of transparency that is needed to authentically engage our community; we need to know the endpoints. I hope you will share this information soon, as I will be asking for it in every venue that I can, if not. Thank you.

Please move these jets away from Madison. They are way too loud to have safety around a community.

VFW Post 7591 301 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, WI 53713….we have the ability to hold a small group meeting or a large group meeting with AV equipment

Thank you very much Gary for your message. We will be in contact today via email regarding the possibility of VFW Post hosting a neighborhood meeting.

I want to share my opinions on this matter, and live in the Starkweather area near E. Wash. I’m sick and tired of the F-35 aircraft, the piercing noise of the plane breaking through the wind is a disruption to daily life for every class, and walk of life that lives in the city of Madison. It’s a fear tactic, it’s destroying our eco system, and air quality. This fear mongering, and intimidation tactics need to end. A lot of us are nauseous when you fly this aircraft during the morning, and early afternoon. Funny how the air quality is always good when you guys decide not to fly.

If you have not already made arrangements to host multiple sessions at the East Madison Community Center, they should be your first call. Truax Park Apartments residents are the 115th’s closest AND most vulnerable group of neighbors. Skipping over us speaks volumes about those who claim to be “listening” and trying to strengthen community bonds.

VFW Post 7591 301 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, WI 53713….we have the ability to hold a small group meeting or a large group meeting with AV equipment

6085567815 or 6082554071

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