The Vision & Values Project is a months-long public process to identify Falmouth residents’ shared “vision and values” and to formulate a Town Vision Statement.

What is your vision for Falmouth's future?
The Town of Falmouth is embarking on a Vision & Values Project to answer that question!

To create the shared vision and values, the project will be hosting a number of surveys and discussions forums. Survey results will be posted on the portal throughout the project.


According to the 2003 Community Visioning Handbook by the former Maine State Planning Office, a community vision is a “mental picture of what residents want their community to look and feel like in 20 years.” A Vision Statement reflects the broadly shared aspirations of residents for their community. It describes the desired future community character. The purpose of a vision statement is “to capture a picture of the community’s future that any resident quickly can grasp and appreciate.”


For more information about the Town of Falmouth Vision and Values project, please contact:

David Beurle, CEO
Future iQ
Phone: (612) 757-9190

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