Module 2: Key Drivers

Denton’s Think-Tank Module 2: Key Drivers took place on Thursday, April 15

Approximately 21 City staff and residents participated in the Think-Tank Module 2. Participants began by exploring the key drivers impacting solid waste management and recycling in the City of Denton. The group discussion included a detailed look at what is currently happening in the City and allowed for an extensive question and answer period. In the second half of the Module, participants explored the future-splitting themes of the proposed framework for the scenario-planning to take place in Module 3, on April 29.

Denton’s Solid Waste Management Strategy Key Drivers

  1. Markets and pricing for recyclable materials
  2. New Materials recovery (recycling) technologies
  3. Changing solid waste management regulations
  4. Waste diversion and recycling goals
  5. Product packaging design changes
  6. More efficient distribution and transportation systems
  7. Solid waste conversion technologies (e.g., energy from waste)
  8. Increased producer’s/manufacturer’s responsibility for materials reuse and recycling
  9. Denton citizens’ desire for sustainable solid waste management
  10. Climate change and sustainability efforts
  11. Efforts to increase food waste diversion
  12. Enhanced efforts to decrease contamination in the recycling stream
  13. Preservation of the useful life of the City’s landfill
  14. Implementation of cost-effective solutions
  15. Collaboration with other cities and private companies
  16. Focus on waste reduction and reuse
  17. Importance of education focused on behavior change
  18. Alignment of Federal and State regulations with local solid waste reduction goals


For more information about the City of Denton’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy Project, please contact:

Brian Boerner, Director of Solid Waste
City of Denton
Phone: (940) 349-8001