City of Denton Think-Tank Modules

City of Denton Think-Tank Modules

The scenario based Future Think-Tank is a tool to gain better understanding of community priorities and goals to create effective actions for program and resource allocation. This process will help local community stakeholders explore and understand emergent trends and key drivers impacting solid waste and recycling management in the City of Denton. A range of plausible future scenarios are developed at the Think-Tank that act as a testing ground to assess resilience and consequences.

Due to the necessary health requirements of COVID-19, the Think-Tank process for the City of Denton is divided into three online workshops called Think-Tank modules. The modules are spread over three evenings in the month of April. Members of the community who participated in the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Community Survey were asked to attend, along with City department staff. Please see the specific subtab for each module for additional details and information.

Think-Tank Modules:

Think-Tank Module 1:  Future Trends – Thursday, April 8

Think-Tank Module 2:  Key Drivers – Thursday, April 15

Think-Tank Module 3:  Think-Tank – Thursday, April 29


For more information about the City of Denton’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy Project, please contact:

Brian Boerner, Director of Solid Waste
City of Denton
Phone: (940) 349-8001