Topic #2: What did you do differently
this year?

This year, we know people are wrestling with workforce, pandemic impacts, surge in visitors. More visitors bring new challenges. Overall, most people have just been trying to make things work. Sharing solutions and ideas will collectively help find new approaches and solutions.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

What did you do differently this year, to cope with the challenges?

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Welcome to the Discussion Board. We are interested to hear how you had to adapt this year, and what successful approaches you were able to apply.

This year the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We added Board members who have improved our ability to turnaround map requests faster and also to apply for more grants to fund trail improvements. One example is a grant that will fund the construction and installation of 5 benches along the Presidential Rail Trail for walkers and riders to sit and enjoy the natural beauty around them. We have also spent more time Roding the trail to check on trail conditions and receive immediate feedback. This has helped us to install additional wayfinding signs and implement trail improvements. We are working with several groups now to create a network of volunteers to enhance this effort in 2022.

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