Module #1 – Presentations

Module #1 included a great team of facilitators and guest speakers.
Below are the panel session PowerPoint presentations and module video recording

PANEL 1: TRENDS - Latest In Emerging Trends in Travel, Outdoor Recreation + Rural Community Tourism

In this session David explored big picture global trends, and national trends in adventure travel outdoor recreation. Russel explored: Who is the adventure traveler? And what are they looking for now? What trends are emerging during the pandemic and which ones are here to stay?
Presenters included:
  • David Beurle – Future iQ
  • Russel Walters – ATTA

PANEL 2: CASE STUDIES - How are rural outdoor recreation destinations managing tourism as travel returns at even higher levels than before?

This session explored a series of key case studies from North America and Iceland. The panel discussed: What key destination development or management approaches are being taken? How will we know if we’ve found the right balance?
Presenters included:
  • Kristin Dahl – Crosscurrent Collective
  • Olof Yrr – Iceland Tourism Development
  • Emily Reed – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington
  • Kieron Weidner – First Nature Tours – Pacific Northwest
Developing new experiences to meet the evolving interests of visitors – giving back through trail building/fire recovery, connecting with Tribal culture

PANEL 3: UNDERSTANDING THE LOCAL CONTEXT - What’s going on locally and what information or approaches from previous presentations might resonate here?

Local speakers explored:

  • What is the region grappling with when it comes to destination development?
  • What do you feel are the region’s greatest opportunities?
  • What are promising practices from the morning’s presentations that might be worth considering here in this region?
Presenters included:
  •  Abby Long – Kingdom Trails / VT Outdoor Rec Collaborative
  • Jody Fried – Catamount Arts
  • Philip Bryce – NH Division of Parks + Rec, former State Forester


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