Discussion Boards Overview

This year brought a surge in visitation, and it has been a ‘mixed bag’ for businesses and communities; with challenges and new dynamics.

As part of the Rural Tourism Academy, we want to explore IMPORTANT local issues. These Discussion Boards are an opportunity for you and your peers to have an honest and exploratory conversation about what is happening with tourism in your sector and region. We want to explore current impacts – good and bad, and solutions.

Our aim is to have ongoing real-time discussions about important challenges; and how we work together to create a sustainable approach to tourism in the region. Ultimately, one of the outcomes of the Rural Tourism Academy is to build a shared ‘community of practice’, where we can learn together and connect people to ideas, solutions, and innovative ways to help guide the development of the tourism sector.

Initial Discussion Topics:

Comments made via this portal are public. We expect conversations to follow the rules of polite discourse. Messages containing inappropriate content or language will be removed at the discretion of Future iQ.


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