Think-Tank Overview

The three-hour Future of Manufacturing in Illinois scenario-based Think-Tank Workshop was conducted virtually on August 5, 2021. During this process, four different future scenarios were created, that play out the potential future implications of key themes and trends in manufacturing.

The scenarios developed provide a valuable ‘testing ground’ to assess preferred future outcomes. The Think-Tank workshop aimed to:
  • Deepen the understanding and examination of how external events and local conditions could shape decision-making
  • Identify and understand the key influences, trends, and dynamics that will shape the future of manufacturing in Illinois looking out to 2030
  • Create and describe four plausible long-term scenarios for the future of manufacturing in Illinois
  • Explore alignment around a shared future vision for manufacturing in Illinois


For more information about IMEC’s Future of Manufacturing in Illinois Project, please contact:

David Boulay, Ph.D., President
Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)
Phone: 309-677-3766