Project Schedule

As manufacturing regions across the United States emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, industries are facing new realities that will impact small, medium, and large manufacturers alike. This Foresight Research work is the first part of a larger process. This initial work has used a combination of research approaches.

There has been background trend analysis coupled with broad stakeholder engagement. The outcomes reflect stakeholder perspectives and inputs that set the stage for deeper strategic action planning. Subsequent steps will help bring this thinking down to a more local level across the state and will help frame and create unifying strategies for the whole state.

This process is intended to position IMEC as a thought leader in helping stakeholders grapple with the opportunities and threats occurring in the rapidly evolving industrial and technological landscape that is manufacturing.

NOTE: The project schedule is flexible and will be adapted as needed to accommodate impacts of pandemic and the community schedule. 


For more information about IMEC’s Future of Manufacturing in Illinois Project, please contact:

David Boulay, Ph.D., President
Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)
Phone: 309-677-3766