Future Of Manufacturing in Illinois

As manufacturing regions across the United States emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, industries are facing new realities that will impact small, medium, and large manufacturers alike. This project will analyze trend research on key drivers impacting the future of manufacturing in Illinois and will engage stakeholders and clients in a series of interviews, focus groups, and think-tank forums to explore these future trends as they relate to Industry 4.0 preparedness and future readiness.

The Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) is engaging stakeholders statewide to discuss the future of manufacturing in Illinois. Combined with in-depth research on trends and existing statewide manufacturing, the initiative will result in a foresight piece that will provide a ten-year vision for Illinois manufacturing in a post-pandemic world.

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For more information about IMEC’s Future of Manufacturing in Illinois Project, please contact:

David Boulay, Ph.D., President
Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)
Phone: 309-677-3766

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