Overview – The Future of Wellbeing Foresight Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened global awareness around not only physical health and wellbeing, but emotional, social, occupational, and financial. Advancements in healthcare and other sectors are accelerating at an exponential rate and now is the time to explore how Minnesota can take a leadership role in the future of global health and wellbeing.

It is our firm belief that a successful visioning process is based on three primary principles: It is future oriented, data driven, and people focused.

The ‘future orientation’ is particularly important to take account of rapidly emerging social and technological trends related to global health and well-being.

The ‘data driven’ ensures the plan is built on solid research, public input, and information, and is measurable.

The ‘people focused’ is important to build support for the vision and plan for Minnesota’s role in the future of global health and well-being.


For more information about the Future of Wellbeing Foresight Project, please contact:

Lori Syverson, President
Edina Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 952-806-9063
Email: lori@edina.org