Stakeholder Survey #2 Overview

Vermont Forest Future Stakeholder Survey #2 is closed.

Survey #2 was completed as part of virtual and in-person workshops, as well as being opened online to the public, through March and April 2023. 

This survey gathered important input on the expected, preferred and least desirable futures for the Vermont forest economy. This survey builds on the work that was done at Think-Tank workshops, and aims to explore appetite for change, and thoughts around some major future splitting themes.

To help get the most out this survey, we STRONGLY recommended you watch a 10 minute instructional and informational video. This video will give you an update on the work to date, and help explain the scenarios for the future, and describe the way you can record your preferred future in the survey. We have also made available the slide deck, that is used in informational video.

Watch the Instructional Video

Play Video

Review the Slide Deck