University City Community Vision 2040 Roadmap Report

The University City Community Vision 2040 Roadmap Report presents the results from the City’s recent visioning process.

The visioning process identified a community vision with key strategic pillars and potential action areas to consider for the future. Over the course of many months, community members imagined and considered possible directions and the impacts and consequences of those directions. The process, and the report, then drill down deeper into what people saw as the preferred future, ‘Most Livable’. This understanding helps lay the groundwork for figuring out “how we get there” and establishes a broad framework of guidance for the comprehensive planning process that will follow in 2022.


For more information about University City’s Community Vision Project, please contact:

Dawn Beasley, Assistant City Manager
City of University City
6801 Delmar Boulevard
University City, MO 63130
Phone: 314.505.8533