Key Future Drivers shaping Falmouth

“What do you think are some of the key drivers that will shape the community and Town?”

As part of the Falmouth Vision and Values project, we are aiming to identify a series of key drivers that are likely to shape the future direction and evolution of the Town. (Note: Drivers are defined as major events, trends, developments, catalysts or forces; that actively influence or cause change). What do you think are some of the key drivers that will shape the community and Town? 

We would love to hear your thoughts!

“What do you think are some of the key drivers that will shape the community and Town?” (Note: Drivers are defined as major events, trends, developments, catalysts or forces that actively influence or cause change)

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Controlling growth in a manner that is consistent with our coastal and rural appeal and in a fiscally responsible manner considering public services.

Evolution of housing by demographics and economic and environmental attitudes. Impact from “temporary residents” (0-4 years) due to seasonal rentals and schools reputation. Traffic patterns in the greater Portland region. Fiscal turmoil from Covid19 ramifications. Social media impact on community character.

Increasing migration from traditional states due to non-traditional reasons related to pandemic; increasing migration from non-traditional states due to climate change induced natural disasters: massive fires, savage and repeating hurricane destruction, flooding. This migration has started and will likely continue to pressure this area for more housing.

More and more “homeless” who were living on the edge and hit by a catastrophic event(s) or recent college graduates who cannot afford to do more than rent, but have difficulty meeting rising rents in the area.

Our Town Administration and past Councils have been the driving force for rapid growth over the past few years. The pandemic further aggravates the problem.

We are not in a bubble separate from Greater Portland, Maine and the country. We will be impacted to varying degrees by trends in the larger world–aging population, changing industries, climate change, greater racial, ethnic, religious and economic diversity, economic impacts of Covid-19, homelessness, food insecurity. What isn’t yet clear is how the increase of home purchases (in Maine and Falmouth) by individuals from out of state (or originally from Maine and returning), as a result of Covid-19, will impact the town. One reads about this phenomenon and there is anecdotal information that it is occurring but no hard data and only time will tell. This has the potential to shift community expectations about infrastructure, municipal services, public education, etc. We also need to be prepared for the possibility that office space and retail needs will change and have impact on our commercial areas. If the shift to working from home, learning from home, etc. becomes permanent, what will the technological needs be of residents, businesses, and the municipality itself? (thinking here mostly of bandwidth and speed)? How would changes in work and education patterns impact our open and recreational spaces, if at all?

Out of state people driving real estate prices through the roof. Losing our access to waterfronts in our home state and ability to live in our towns. Getting taxes under control. Finding ways to get engagement in government by residents. Covid changing business climate – especially shut downs and lack of good staffing , and offices changing due to working from home.
More and more of a gap between our governing bodies and our residents .

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