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Looking for more ways to get involved in the Vision & Values Project?

It is important to have broad community engagement in the visioning process. To do that, we are looking for Community Connectors to help spread the word and engage friends, family, and neighbors in taking part.

The role of a Community Connector is to:

  • Stay informed and access up-to-date information about the Vision & Values Project. Don’t worry, we will send you helpful information to keep you informed.
  • Contact (call, email, or connect with) at least 15 people you know. Talk about the project to residents in your neighborhood, clubs, social organizations, family, and friends. Encourage them to get involved by taking part in surveys, focus groups, think tanks, and other opportunities to provide feedback during this months-long process.
  • Help those less digitally savvy. Due to the pandemic, a lot of our efforts to engage residents will take place virtually–through surveys and virtual meetings. You can assist your neighbors by printing out hard copies of surveys to complete, helping them access digital meetings, and keeping them updated as the project progresses.

Sign up to become a Community Connector!


For more information about the Town of Falmouth Vision and Values project, please contact:

David Beurle, CEO
Future iQ
Phone: (612) 757-9190