School District Trajectory, Funding and Investment

Pursuit of Excellence (X Axis) x Funding and Investments (Y-Axis)
This chart combines responses to two questions to create an interactive scatter plot. This chart presents the average results based on all respondents. You can hover over the chart to reveal more information on each circle. The chart is structured as follows:

  • X-Axis is the response to the question “There seems to be interest in helping to move the Smithville School District from a great school system to be the premier or elite performing school system as it boosts the student outcomes and improves the competitive position of the School District and the community. How important do you think it is for the Smithville School District to pursue continuous improvement towards being a premier school system? (Scale: 1 = Not at all important; 10 = Critically important)
  • Y-Axis is the response to the question “Sustaining high quality education is competitive and costs money. In addition, the community is growing, and the future needs are expected to be higher. Considering this competitive landscape, do you think the Smithville School District current has the funding and investment levels (spending) to achieve and deliver the student outcomes we desire? (Scale: – 5 = We are spending too much; 0 = Just right; +5 = We need to invest more)

Key things to note:

  • The largest circle was at the top of the y axis for the pursuit of continuous improvement towards being a premier school system, and two cells beyond the midpoint of the x axis. This signals that the majority of respondents feel strongly about the importance of becoming a premier school system, and are also more inclined to increase funding levels to do so.


For more information about the Smithville School District Strategic Action Planning Project, please contact:

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